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Σ-Math Calculator is a math site that offer you online math calculators to help you to solve algebra exercises with a step-by-step explanation and an user-friendly interface ;)

In Evidence

PowerMod Calculator

There are several ways to compute \(a^b \, \text{mod} \, n\). The most efficient method consists of:
Step 1) divide the exponent \(b\) into powers of 2 by writing it in binary, obtaining \(b = (d_{k-1},d_{k-2},...,d_1,d_0\)).
Step 2)... (click here)

GCD Calculator: Euclidean Algorithm

\(a\) and \(b\) are two integers, with \(0 \leq b < a\).
Step 1) if \(b=0\) then \(GCD(a,b) = 0\).
Step 2) if \(b \neq 0\) then you proceed with the successive divisions: ... (click here)